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Each Mobile Phone Charging Station in our range offers a best in class secure mobile charging experience with exclusive branding opportunities.  Our Mobile Phone Charging Stations boast to incorporating impressive and impactful 32" HD Digital Display screens  (largest in the UK Mobile Phone Charging Station market) which are ideal for branding and advertising. Not only that each charging station in our range can be easily and inexpensively vinyl wrapped for added brand awareness.

Our Mobile Phone Charging Stations operate using a simple 4 Digit personal PIN code, incorporate 6 secure lockers (Silver Kiosk) and charge at least 95% of mobile devices currently in today’s market.

The Mobile Phone Charging Stations can be rented (daily, weekly or monthly), leased (24, 36 or 48 months) or purchased outright (volume discounts apply). We're flexible, so we can always meet your requirements.

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Endless Opportunities

Mobile Phone Charging Station


We’re in the business of keeping your target audience connected. If you’re organising an event or if you are a venue owner and want to delight your attendees and customers by keeping them connected, our charging kiosks are for you.

Mobile Phone Charging Kiosk

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Whether you’re an agency looking to launch your clients’ Digital Out of Home campaign or whether you’re a local brand looking to communicate your message to a targeted audience, Device Charger is the solution for you.

Corporate Offices

Internal Communications

If you’re an organisation looking for a unique way to communicate your corporate messages to your employees, what better way than through our device charging kiosks. Not only will your employees stay connected but they will also keep abreast of all that is going on in your organisation.

Some of Our Many Clients

  • Client LycaMobile
  • Client The Jockey Club
  • Client The Weather Channel
  • Charging Stations for Hotels
  • Client AOL
  • Client Cisco
  • Client Betfair
  • Client Barings Bank
  • Client Citibank
  • Client Coca Cola
  • Client Just Eat
  • Client MediaCom
  • Client Sustainalytics
  • Client TBA
  • Client The Drum
  • Client Fitness4Less
  • Client Sky

95% of all Devices Supported*

* Applies to Gold Kiosk only





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